Pro Agro

We are a 100% Mexican agro-industrial company, with more than 50 years of experience in the food sector. We distinguish ourselves by the quality of our products and the excellence in the service.

We supply the national and international market by exporting our products to the United States, France, Russia, Canada, Central and South America.

As a Socially Responsible Company we distinguish ourselves by the quality of our products and the excellence in the service. We maintain a permanent commitment towards the social and ecological environment, supporting the development of our community and taking care of our natural resources.


Get to know our products

  • 100% natural
  • Without preservatives
  • Without additives
  • It doesn’t contain bittering tannins
  • It doesn’t contain fermenting solids
  • Easy measurable for dosing
  • Fixing agent for other flavors
  • It perfectly rounds the flavor profile in formulas
  • It masks vegetable flaws in foundations
  • Great profitability due to its low dosing
  • Long shelf life
Pro Gourmet Kosher Pareve

We produce vanilla pods since 1943, manufacturing:

  • Vanilla natural extract
  • Natural vanilla pods
  • Sweetened vanilla

With our own technology, beginning with the oleoresin of the dehydrated and mature fruit of Vanilla Planifolia, an orchid plant, native from Papantla, Veracruz in Mexico, we can avoid our products to be affected by climate or harvest variations, stabilizing and standardizing both their flavor and quality to be used in the industrial sector. Due to its flavor and fragrance characteristics, our vanilla can not be compared with any other in the market.

Our products are commercialized with different presentations, for familiar, corporate and industrial consumption.

When it is not synthetic, or chemical product derivative, Mexican Vanilla is the best all over the world.

Our entire vanilla line fulfills all the official Mexican requirements, FDA, CE, CODEX and RTCA, besides it has Kosher and FSSC 22000 certifications.

Vanilla extract
500ml / 1L / 5L / 50L
Pro Agro Vainilla
Vanilla pods
Display box with 12 3-pod boxes
Pro Agro Vainilla
Sweetened vanilla
Pro Agro Vainilla
Sweetened vanilla
Display box with 12 bottles of 300g
Pro Agro Vainilla
  • Totally cooked
  • Ready to be heated
  • Extraordinary flavor
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • High nutritional value
  • Easy to apportion
  • 18 months of shelf life under freeze storage
  • 21 days of shelf life under cold storage
  • High perceived value
  • High quality
  • Constant innovation
  • Functional presentation
Pro Gourmet Kosher Pareve e Inspected and Approved SAGARPA Mexico

Being conscious about the necessity of natural, nutritious and delicious food, we developed a line of refrigerated and frozen products ProGourmet®, intended for familiar and institutional consumption.

Our goal is offering solutions in foods, tailored to the needs of our clients. We resolve and become efficient the time and manufacturing way of products, stabilizing and standardizing both their quality and flavor.

We stick to rigid quality controls, being TIF certified and complying with all the Mexican official requirements.

We have our own technology being adaptable to develop new products.

Pro Agro - Pastas
Pro Agro - Especialidades
Christmas dishes
Pro Agro - Platillos Navideños
Pro Agro - Carnicos
Pro Agro - Salsas
Pro Agro - Ensaladas
Mexican line
Pro Agro - Linea Mexicana
Pro Agro - Horneados
Pro Agro - Postres
  • 100% natural
  • Food grade
  • Without preservatives
  • Without additives
  • Water soluble and fat soluble flavors
  • High oven temperatures resistant
  • Low freezing temperatures resistant
  • Resistant to UHT and fermenting processes
  • Easy measurable for dosing
  • Easy combinable
  • Long lasting flavors
  • Great profitability due to its low dosing
  • Safe and reliable supply
  • Kosher, FSSC 22000, FDA, CODEX and RTCA certification in the whole line.
  • Every product complies with Mexican official requirements, FDA legislation and European Community.
Pro Gourmet Kosher Pareve

We offer natural flavors, which have been standardized to facilitate their industrial use, keeping their original flavor and fragrance.

Our powdered flavors are made from essential oils, oleoresins and enzymatic distillates. They are micro-pulverized by a drying and spraying process.

These products are ideal for use for breads, cakes, cookies, chocolates, covers, candy, icing, flavored icing sugar, ice cream and milk shake foundations, dairy products, dietary supplements, jellies, flans, beverage concentrates (liquid or powder) and pharmaceutical products.

Our research team can develop new flavors, according to every client needs.

Natural Flavors
Zanni Deep purity, harmonized alkaline water, never touched by man.

Zanni is born alkaline in the depth of an underground deposit more than 150 meters below sea level in the middle of the tropical forest of the state of Tabasco, so it has never been exposed to external factors of contamination or to the human being.

80% of degenerative diseases have their origin in the acidity of the body, the consumption of alkaline water balances the pH of the body reducing acidity and improving digestion, it also hydrates faster and slows aging, helping to improve your health.

Based on the theory of Masaru Emoto our Zanni water is harmonized with positive words that have been recorded on the container and in the storage tanks and was exposed to soft music during the packaging process transforming its molecules into beautiful crystals with the intention of helping to improve your physical and emotional health.



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